When it comes to the security of your business, dependability and response time is everything. Especially when your access control system starts acting up or you need locks re-keyed due to employee turnover. We understand the sense of urgency and that’s why we give priority to businesses both large and small.

Eagle Services also have significant experience in the implementation of electronic access control systems. Electronic access control systems use remotely controlled access tokens instead of physical keys, and these access tokens can be activated and deactivated on demand. This delivers the highest level of access control for company leaders as well as allowing them to build a security structure that suits the individual needs of their business.

High tech security solutions are also among the options provided by Eagle Services. From advanced alarm systems that discourage attempts at unauthorized access and vandalism as well as promoting the quickest possible response time for authorities in an emergency situation to full scale CCTV systems that allow constant central monitoring of an entire facility, the security options offered by Eagle Services allow you to establish an effective defense from crime for your business.

Commercial locksmith services include:access control systems, lock repair and replacement, lock rekeying, computerized master keys, emergency exit devices, office equipment keys, electronic keyless entry systems, emergency lock outs, door closure repair and replacement and security cameras systems (CCTV).

Why choose our locksmith services?

Eagle Services team has developed a unique understanding of the needs of commercial clients over our years of experience in the industry, and so we can work with you and other leaders of your company to build a highly effective network of security to stand between your assets and the unpredictable. Eagle Services can design an enhanced security lock system to protect the most sensitive areas of your facility as well as establishing an exclusive key way system to limit access to critical spaces to your most trusted employees.

Our company is locally owned and operated.We offer a wide range of locksmith and high security control solutions to meet any needs and budget. We are dedicated to helping your business remain secure with the latest in commercial security tool. All locksmith services include installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance of all commercial locking systems.All commercial locksmith work is 100% guaranteed to be completed to your satisfaction.

Eagle Services is in developing master key systems that offering executives the ability to control access to the facilities they depends on. We can implement a master key system that gives management personnel access to every lock in a resort or office building within a day, or even establish a system of sub-master keys that allows high level employees access to all of their common work spaces. This gives business owners dependable security for their most sensitive areas as well as offering the flexibility to determine an appropriate level of access for each employee.